Cultural Enclaves: Little India

The small city of Artesia, in southeast Los Angeles County, says a lot about America’s evolution in the past couple of centuries. 

Photographed by Angeline Woo

First a Portuguese and Dutch dairy producing settlement, then a suburban, residential area after World War II, Artesia is today home to California’s most prominent Indian enclave.

Head there to find bright saris, Bollywood hits and the most delicious curries, all in just a few blocks along Pioneer Boulevard. Little India manages to display, in such a small space, a decent amount of the regional diversity of the country, especially when it comes to food. From Punjab meat specialities to spicy staples from Andhra.

Little India is above all a shopping district, so be ready to explore the boutiques and the food stores, full of colorful products often hard to find anywhere else. Attracting shoppers is the way this community has grown, because–believe it or not–there aren’t that many Indians in Artesia. In fact, according to the data available, they barely represent a 5 percent of the 16,500 people that live in the city.

You can find the full version of this story in Issue 7, including our recommendations around the neighborhood.

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