Taste of Bushwick

We are a sponsor at The Taste of Bushwick put on by The Bushwick Starr on June 16th. They'll be featuring the eats, drinks, and merriments of Bushwick at their party that evening. Though MOOD isn't officially in Bushwick, we are so close we can almost reach out and touch it. So I guess that counts ;) All of the proceeds go to the theater so it's worth buying a ticket. Take a look

MOOD Magazine

MOOD is a quarterly magazine about music and food. For it's creators, not many things can beat a good record and a delicious meal. Maybe a well-written story, or a gorgeous photo. Well, that's all in MOOD. The magazine looks at music and food in a cohesive and unique way, with a keen eye to design and high quality writing. Its contributors are located around the globe, and the stories span accordingly.