First Listen: Machinatra

Some bands do the things they have to do, others do the things they want to do. Seward is one of the latter. After years of building a perfect reputation on stage and avoiding the internet all together, the Barcelona-based five-piece is releasing its first LP in a very unconventional way. One by one, the band is unveiling the songs of Home Was a Chapter Twenty Six on a selection of websites. And today, MOOD has the great honor to join the adventure by introducing "Machinatra."

Home Was A Chapter Twenty Six Picture.jpeg

To discover the rest of the album you will need to dig through cyberspace and visit sites like Rockdelux and The Furious Sessions. To complete the puzzle, get the final tracks on the vinyl edition sold at Seward's concerts and at Rough Trade.

And to find out more about the band and its radical approach to music, stay tuned for issue 4 of MOOD.

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